Children and Teen Etiquette

Children and Teen Etiquette

Children and Teen Etiquette

Emotional Intelligence is about our feelings and our actions. It focuses on our manners and our ability to empathize and project kindness. While technical skills are necessary, younger generations need to be able to handle the emotional skills associated with certain situations.

MOMs fills this need with educating children and young adults in the areas of:

  • Self-awareness
  • Empathy
  • Managing emotions
  • Respect
  • Social skills
  • Character

Mastering social etiquette skills and having manners is essential to being able to build lasting credible relationships. With so many venues of influence bombarding todays youth, by way of social media, music, etc., there is a need for programs that promote self respect and confidence. 

We have branched out to implement this program in the lives of the mothers and children we serve, to include settings such as Registered Group Homes, Churches, Daycares and Pre-Schools. 

Classes are tiered per age group:

  • Children (4-10 yrs)
  • Preteen's/Teens/ Young Adults(11-17 yrs)

And taught by our certified etiquette instructor with a curriculum designed to engage youth with the understanding of the power of their presence and to bring out the winning attitude of every individual we serve. 

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Houston Metropolitan area

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